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Solar Control Films: Residential / Commercial

We at New York Window Film, know that many residential and commercial, homes and businesses, with security concerns, in the NY Metropolitan Area (Long Island, NYC, Western Connecticut and Eastern New Jersey) are also concerned about the effects of dangerous solar uv rays on their furnishings. Many are also concerned for health reasons & solar heat build-up for ENERGY SAVING. Not to forget decorative window films. We can help. LEARN MORE

Window Film, aka window tint and glass coating, will reduce:

  • Solar UV rays,

  • Fade of furnishings and furniture,

  • Solar Heat build-up,

  • Solar Glare on computers and televisions,

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Decorative Films: Stock/Custom &


New York Window Film, carries a large inventory of stock decorative films including 3M Fasara, Llumar, & Solyx brand decorative films.

We also have "in house" capability, to quickly custom cut your logo, or custom design, out of a wide range of vinyl films. If you do not have artwork for your design, we also have an in house graphic designer service available at reasonable charges. And to handle just about any deadline, we also have 12 full time, trained installers to meet your installation schedule.

Click here to see examples of company logos, distraction markers, and privacy films that we already installed all over the NYC Metro area, including Long Island and Westchester.

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Safety / Security / Graffiti Films

Hurricanes, tornados, nor'easters, acts of terrorism (as with 9/11, and the Boston bombers), crash and grabs, and just plain vandalism are, unfortunately, a sad part of life in America. Flying shards of glass are a large part of the blame for personal injury, and loss of life, from these catastrophes. We specialize in the installation of safety / security, and anti graffiti window film. Call us for ideas for protecting your loved ones, property, and business, with these lifesaving products. LEARN MORE

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Energy Saving Window Film

New York Window Film, now offers residential and commercial, homes and businesses, in the NY Metropolitan Area an almost ubelievable, new ENERGY SAVING technology.

This new "Low E" window film will make single pane glass as energy efficint as double pane glass. And it does this, in addition to reducing 99% of dangerous solar uv rays, effect on furnishings. Click below to see some short videos that will show you how to save enough in energy costs, to pay for itself in 4 years or less. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain by viewing this short demonstration.enerlogic low e window film LEARN MORE

window film

We can help reduce much of the effects of those damaging solar rays by applying a glass coating directly onto your glass. The glass coatings offer the occupant a high degree of sun control. The window film tint that we install will:

  • Reduce fading of furnishings by 40% to 90%.

  • The Glass Coatings can also reduce heat from the sun by 30% to 75%.

  • Reduce solar glare by 35% to 80% depending on the window film tint, glass coating that you choose.

  • The solar UV Ray absorbers, embedded into the window film tints, also reduce the amount of harmful solar UV Rays coming through the glass by 99.9%: a definite health benefit according to most physicians.
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