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House Magazine - August/September 2002 Issue

Keep Out The Suns UV Rays

     This 6,200 square foot home (SEE Picture Below) is sheathed with spectacular view windows that climb to a towering 27 feet in the living room and frame the sunset in the dining alcove.

     This is the abode of interior designer Jamie Drake ASID.  He decorated his living room with Bristol blue draperies and acid yellow chairs and multi color throw pillows

     However, the beautiful windows provided no protection to these fabrics, protection from fabric fading UV rays as well as relief from glare and heat.  So he did what he recommends all his clients do, he had Vista UV Shield window films professionally installed on them.

    Steve Pesce of New York Window Film in Farmingdale did the installation.  He installed it in the inside of the glass and it immediately began blocking 99.9% of all UV rays and reducing glare by nearly two thirds.  It is invisible, so outside colors remain true.  Window film is a great way to protect your home's décor and usually comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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