New York Window Film carries a large inventory of stock decorative films including 3M, Fasara, LLumar, Solyx, & Avery:

Decorative window film is an attractive and affordable alternative to more expensive solutions. It’s ideal for interior use in office environments, such as in conference rooms, private offices, lobbies, and glass partitions, as well as for exterior use in retail outlets and other applications.

We also have in house capability to quickly custom cut your logo, or custom design, out of a wide range of vinyl films, If you do not have artwork for your design, we also have an in house graphic designer service available at reasonable charges. And to handle just about any deadline we also have 14 full time trained installers to meet your installation schedule.

To view our installations visit our gallery page 🙂 

Advantages that can be gained by using decorative window films:

  1. Transforms an old setting to project a new ambiance
  2. Better alternative to curtains or blinds
  3. Comes in various colors and patterns
  4. Enhances privacy and security where necessary
  5. Lessens sun glare, but not the illumination. If lighting is not a desired consequence, may choose the opaque frost.
  6. Filters ultra violet rays to prevent damage to the skin
  7. Conserves energy within the space as the film blocks the heat of the sun from entering
  8. Protects furniture and items such as rugs from the effects of fading
  9. Prevents splintering of glass in case of a storm shatter or breakage
  10. Projects a new stylish appearance

Decorative Film Catalogues: